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Seagull IV X-1 Water Filter
Seagull IV X-1 Water Filter

General Ecology Seagull IV X-1F Water Purifier 732000

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Part Number:2064
General Ecology Seagull IV X-1F Water Purifier    732000
  • Removes Cysts, Bacteria & Viruses instantly & effectively
  • No chemicals, electricity or double processing
  • 1 US GPM Flow Rate
  • 300 Series Stainless Steel Housing
  • Stainless Steel Ports
  • "Pure Water" lead-free faucet included
  • "Quick and Easy Connection Lines
  • Mounting Hardware
    Seagull IV®X-1F Technical Specs:
    Operating Temperature 33F -145F ((0,5C- 63C)
    Flow Rate 1,0 gallon / min. ( 3,8 litres / min.)
    Average Capacity 1000 gallons ( 3800 litres )
    Operating Pressure 25psi – 125psi
    Particle Retention micron 0,1 nominal ( 0,4 absolute)
    X-1 Housing Height/ With Spout 5 3/8in (13.7 cm)/ 8 7/8in (22.6)
    X-1 Pressure Vessel Width / With Clamp 4 1/2in (10.5 cm)/ 5 in (12.7 cm)
    RS-1SG Replacement Cartridge Part 788000
    Intended for Cold Water Use Patented in USA, International Patents Pending. All health claims and offers not in compliance with federal, provincial or local laws are hereby withdrawn.

    General Ecology, Inc. - The Leader in Chemical Free Water Purification

    Water is the Essence of Life...General Ecology Inc.'s only business is drinking water purification. Manufactured in the USA from the finest raw materials, our water purifiers are ecologically and environmentally compatible; they purify naturally without adding chlorine, iodine or other pesticides to the water you drink and use in your foods and beverages. General Ecology Inc.'s "Structured Matrix™" is the only technology certified to meet US EPA Purification Standards against all three classes of waterborne disease organisms - parasitic cysts, bacteria and viruses - instantly, without pre/post treatment, without wasting water and without electricity. Outstandingly effective, they also remove chemical and aesthetic contaminants, providing superbly refreshing, spring-like water for a naturally healthy life-style.

    "Structured Matrix™" Technology - How it Works...

    RS-1SG CartridgeUltrafine Microstraining places an ultra-fine protective barrier between you and water-borne bacteria, cysts and larger particles

    With products that rely on pesticides, you consume the dead organisms including the dissolved toxins and pesticides added to the water. Worst of all, pathogenic cysts like Giardia and Cryptosporidia the most frequent causes of water-borne illness, are not killed by ordinary chlorination or iodination.

    With Seagull IV® water purification systems, microorganisms and their toxins are removed.

    Molecular Capture traps and holds organic and specific other chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and solvents as well as chlorine and other trace contaminates that can produce foul tastes and odors. Seagull IV® water is deliciously refreshing and healthy tasting... it tastes like water should taste!

    Electrostatic Removal uses specially produced space-age surfaces, much like magnets, to remove minute particles and colloids suspended in the water.

    These purification mechanisms work together to naturally and ecologically remove contaminants from your drinking water. With Seagull IV®water purifier, you don't have to drink chlorine or other pesticides to gain protection.

    Easily Installed-Top mounting "Pure Water™" lead-free faucet and "Quick and Easy™" installation hoses eliminate the need to work in the dark recesses under your sink. Faucets available in chrome, white and "LTF Gold" finish.

    Low Cost, Foolproof Operation Operates solely from your pressurized water system and requires no chemicals, post treatment storage tanks, cartridge brushing, brines, wastewater lines or electricity.


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