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Hanna Haze Meter for Beer Quality Analysis ASBC Standards HI847492
Hanna Haze Meter for Beer Quality HI847492

Hanna Haze Meter for Beer Quality Analysis ASBC Standards HI847492

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Hanna Haze Meter for Beer Quality Analysis ASBC Standards  HI847492
  • Utilizes Fast Tracker—Tag ID System
  • LED optical system
  • PC compatible via USB
  • GLP Features
  • Log on demand
  • Large, backlit LCD
  • The HI 847492 is an auto diagnostic haze in beer meter. HI 847492 is designed, according to the ASBC (American Society of Brewing Chemists) standard for haze in beer measurements.

    This instrument compensates a beer color to guarantee accurate readings during the brewering process. The optical system consists of an LED and multiple detectors. A two, three or four point calibration can be easily performed at any time using the supplied or user prepared standards.

    This meter has all the necessary GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) features to allow maximum traceability of data. Features include a real time clock, log on demand (up to 200 measurements), and Fast Tracker™ —Tag Identification System.

    HI 847492 also incorporates a continuous measurement mode to measure the settling rate of suspended matter, and a signal average (AVG) mode to accumulate multiple readings giving a final average value. The average mode is particularly useful to measure samples with suspended particles with different dimensions.

    HI 847492 features a user-friendly interface, with a large backlit LCD. Acoustic signals and display codes to guide the user step-by-step through routine operations.
    HI 847492-01 (115V) and HI 847492-02 (230V) is supplied with HI 98501-1 Checktemp® thermometer, Checktemp® instruction manual, sample cuvettes and caps (6), calibration cuvettes (HI 847492-11) (4), 25 mL glass vials with caps (4), cuvette cleaning cloth, batteries, AC adapter, instrument quality certificate, instructions and rugged carrying case.
    Range 0.00 to 9.99 FTU 10.0 to 99.9 FTU 100 to 1000 FTU
    Range Selection Automatic
    Resolution 0.01 FTU from 0.00 to 9.99 FTU 0.1 FTU from 10.0 to 99.9 FTU 1 FTU from 100 to 1000 FTU
    Accuracy ±2% of reading plus 0.05 FTU
    Repeatability ±1% of reading or 0.02 FTU, whichever is greater
    Stray Light < 0.1 FTU
    Light Source LED @ 580nm
    Light Detector Silicon Photocell
    Method Ratio Nephelometric Method.
    Display 60 x 90mm backlit LCD
    Calibration Two, three or four point calibration
    Log Memory 200 records
    Serial Interface RS232 or USB
    Environment 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F); max 95% RH non-condensing
    Power Supply 4 x 1.5V AA alkaline batteries or AC adapter
    Auto Shut-off After 15 minutes of non-use
    Dimensions 224 x 87 x 77 mm (8.8 x 3.4 x 3.0”)
    Weight 512 g (18 oz.)