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Hanna Weather Resistant Conductivity Meter HI9033
Hanna Weather Resistant Conductivity Meter HI9033

Hanna Weather Resistant Conductivity Meter HI9033

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Hanna Weather Resistant Conductivity Meter HI9033
Due to adverse weather conditions associated with on-site use of a meter that can rapidly deteriorate its performance and life, Hanna has developed the HI9033 to satisfy all field applications needs.  This portable meter displays conductivity in one of four selectable ranges (from 0.0 to 199.9 mS/cm) and features a splash resistant membrane keypad to protect against moisture and dust.  Dip style conductivity sensor is constructed of PVC and stainless steel.  All conductivity readings, from deionized water to brine, are performed through this rugged 4-ring potentiometer probe.  This probe is so technologically advanced that it can measure any sample in any range of the meter without requiring recalibration.  BEPS (Battery Error Preventive System) will alert the user when low batteries could effect the readings.  In the event of an emergency in the field a 12 VDC plug enables the meter to operate from the power of a car battery.
Range/Resolution:  0.0 to 199 micro/Scm/0.1 microS/cm; 
                               0 to 1999 microS/cm/1microS/cm;
                               0.00 to 19.99 mS/cm/0.01 mS/cm;
                               0.0 to 199.9 mS/cm/0.1 mS/cm
Accuracy:              1% of full scale
Calibration:            Single Point
Temperature:         Automatic from 10 to 40 degrees C (50 to 104 degrees F) with 
Power Supply:        1 x 9V battery; Power socket for 12 VDC
Battery Life:          100 hours of continuous use
Environment:         0 to 50 degrees C (32 to 122 degrees F); 100% RH
Dimensions:           196 x 80 x 60 mm (7.7 x 3.1 x 2.4 inches)
Weight:                  425 g (15oz); Kit 1.4 kg (3.1lbs)
Includes:                An H176302 conductivity probe with 1m cable and a    
                               rugged carrying case.

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