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REED R6001 Thermo Hygrometer
REED R6001 Thermo Hygrometer

REED Thermo Hygrometer Model # R6001

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REED R6001 Thermo-Hygrometer

Model: R6001

This thermo-hygrometer has a dual LCD readout that displays ambient temperature and relative humidity.


The REED R6001 Thermo-hygrometer is an electronic instrument that can measure and display the current temperature and relative humidity. The current temperature is measured by changes in electrical resistance due to heat; while relative humidity, which is the percentage that the air is saturated with water vapor, is calculated with changes in electrical resistance caused by changes in moisture. This digital thermo-hygrometer continuously updates and displays the numerical measurements on the screen when it is turned on.


  • Dual LCD readout displays ambient temperature and relative humidity
  • User selectable °F / °C
  • Min/Max memory for both functions
  • Data hold and Relative functions
  • Auto power off


Applications include environmental studies, food distribution, and installation of heating and cooling systems in a building. Besides greenhouses and industrial spaces, hygrometers are also used in some incubators (egg), saunas, humidors and museums. They are also used in the care of wooden musical instruments such as guitars and violins which can be damaged by improper humidity conditions. In residential settings, hygrometers are used to aid humidity control (too low humidity damages human skin and body, while too high humidity favours growth of mildew and dust mites). Hygrometers are also used in the coating industry because the application of paint and other coatings may be very sensitive to humidity and dew point.


Humidity Range0 to 100% RH
Humidity Resolution0.1% RH
Humidity Accuracy±3% RH
Temperature Range-4 to 140°F/-20 to 60°C
Temperature Resolution0.1°F/°C
Temperature Accuracy±1.6°F/0.8°C
Power SupplySingle 9V battery
Dimensions9.5 x 2.1 x 1.3" (240 x 54 x 34mm)
Weight6.4 oz (180g)


  • R6001 Thermo-Hygrometer
  • Battery

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