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Superior Smoke Generators Model 3C Smoke Bombs  10-180
Superior Smoke Candles

Superior Smoke Generators Model 3C Smoke Bombs 10-180

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Superior Smoke Generators Model 3C Smoke Bombs  10-180
Package of 12.
Burns for approximately 2 to 3 minutes and generates 40,000 cubic feet of smoke.
Size:  1-1/2 x 6 inches.
Studying Air Flow
Smoke mixed with air or gases simplifies the observation of flow patterns in all types of apparatus or wind tunnels, indoor and outdoor areas, to mention a few applications.  Heating and air conditioning units can be properly balanced by observing the discharge from grilles or registers and adjusting until satisfactory.  Smoke candles are recommended for checking relatively small air capacity units such as exhaust fans.
Detecting Leaks
Highly visible smoke readily blends with air and gases, simplifying the observation of airflow patterns or quickly pinpointing leaks.  It does not support combustion or leave a visible residue.  Leaks invisible without smoke can instantly be seen after smoke is added.  The odour of escaping smoke also assits in pinpointing leaks.  The tedious and time consuming soaping of piping systems and duct work for leaks can be eliminated by inducing sufficient smoke to fill an area approximately twice as large as the area that is being tested.

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